Police found a Gympie man in possession of magic mushrooms.
Police found a Gympie man in possession of magic mushrooms.

Gympie man drives while on MDMA, mushrooms found in his car

A 21-YEAR-OLD Gympie region man caught in possession of a bevy of drugs including 100 tabs of LSD and magic mushrooms has been given the chance to turn his life around.

Jhi Perry Long pleaded guilty during Gympie District Court proceedings on Wednesday to possessing cannabis and ketamine, possessing LSD, possessing Psilocin, and possessing MDMA.

He also entered guilty pleas for summary offences of driving while under the influence of MDMA and cannabis and possessing drug utensils.

The court heard police stopped Long at Lower Wonga in November last year, where he initially returned the positive drug test before they conducted a search of his car.

That search turned up three grams of cannabis, 100 tabs of LSD, approximately a quarter ounce of magic mushrooms containing the Psilocin and a "few grams” in total of ketamine and MDMA powder.

Judge Glen Cash noted the combination of drugs found in Long's car was "unusual”.

"It's not very common to see LSD and Psilocin these days,” Judge Cash said in his sentencing remarks.

"One reason for that is perhaps the well-understood negative effects they can have on people. LSD and Psilocin have a well-established tendency to cause potentially serious mental illnesses ... Psilocin can bring on psychosis.

"Don't fool yourself into thinking that your choice to use these drugs is in the nature of recreational ... harmless fun, it has effects on you and those around you.”

Judge Cash noted Long's lack of criminal history - apart from a good behaviour bond he was placed on for a "drunken tussle” in a local pub - and youth in his decision to "take a chance” on him and provide an opportunity for him to get his life on track.

He sentenced Long to two years' probation with regular drug testing.

He also disqualified Long's license for three months, and he was convicted and not further punished for the other summary offences.

A conviction was not recorded.