FUEL HIKE: Motorists are being slugged at Gympie bowsers these Easter holidays.
FUEL HIKE: Motorists are being slugged at Gympie bowsers these Easter holidays. Trevor Veale

Gympie motorists are being 'ripped off' at bowsers

PETROL prices have sky-rocketed throughout the Gympie region in the lead up to the Easter weekend.

Motorists are paying 147.9cpl at Gympie bowsers, only 3cpl cheaper than the Sunshine Coast.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said the price hike has progressively moved to the Gympie region after it hit Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast earlier this week.

"The current average price of regular unleaded in Gympie is 148.8 cents per litre (cpl) but there's a handful of cheaper retailers offering better deals. If you need to fill the tank, aim to buy at 145.2cpl,” Ms Michael said.

Ms Michael said fuel has been increasing all year due to the current US sanctions on Iran and Venezuela and the conflict in Libya.

"We have seen some retailers in parts of regional Queensland, including Gympie, increase their prices because of this in the last few weeks, but there's still plenty of bargains widely available,” she said.

Ms Michael said consumers were turning to fuel comparison apps and websites to find the cheapest deal as retailers were forced to report price changes within 30 minutes under a State Government trial.

"Motorists who are heading away for the long weekend should use the apps and website available like RACQ's Fair Fuel Finder to locate the cheapest fuel in their area because there are cheaper sites in most towns and cities,” she said.

"Also think about where you're heading and find out if there's cheaper fuel at your destination or along the way and plan to fill up accordingly.

"Those travelling north may like to make a detour via Maryborough - fuel here is much cheaper than Gympie, with unleaded averaging 141.1cpl.”

Ms Michael said drivers can expect prices to stay at a high over the weekend before they start to drop next week.

Fuel: ULP 91 cost today

Doonan: 136.7

Tiaro: 138.9

Gunalda: 138.9

Pomona: 139.8

Glenwood: 139.9

Curra: 141.9

Goomeri: 141.9

Gympie: 141.9