Gympie mum on drugs and knife charges bailed to parents'

A GYMPIE mother of two has been released on bail after allegedly re-offending on bail and on probation.

Ane Mary O'Sullivan, 28, is charged with possessing a knife in a public place, failing to appear in court, two counts of possessing dangerous drugs and two other counts.

The alleged offences occurred in June, August and September this year.

Judge Ann Lyons said Ms O'Sullivan had not had a lot on her criminal history until 2015, when she was given probation for possessing drugs, drug utensils and weapons.

The judge said Ms O'Sullivan had been a drug user for 12 years, but her drug use had escalated in the past year, in the context of a relationship that had since ended.

She said Ms O'Sullivan had been off drugs for 58 days as she'd been in custody.

Should she be released on bail, she would live at her parents' home and attend Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Services sessions.

Crown prosecutor Lara Soldi objected to bail being granted, saying there was a risk Ms O'Sullivan would re-offend.

Judge Lyons said those risks could be mitigated with conditions including random drug and alcohol testing and the requirement that she report three times weekly to police.

She said Ms O'Sullivan was "well brought up" and that her parents would strictly supervise her, but that she must prove to the court that she could turn her life around.

Ms O'Sullivan, who appeared in Brisbane Supreme Court via videolink from custody, thanked the judge for granting bail.