ALL ABOARD: Troy Cassar-Daley gets set to climb aboard the Muster train.
ALL ABOARD: Troy Cassar-Daley gets set to climb aboard the Muster train.

Gympie Muster headliners announced

Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, Cold Chisel's Ian Moss, Shane Nicholson, John Williamson and many more will join official Ambassador Troy Cassar-Daley as the main attractions of this year's Gympie Music Muster.

Taking place between August 23 and 26, this year's Muster will be the 38th since its inception in 1982, with a focus on maintaining the mix of music and audience entertainment.

In addition to healthy helpings of country, blues, bluegrass, folk, rock and bush ballad music, interactive attractions including dancing, workshops, songwriter's sessions and the hotly anticipated guitar jam are on offer for crowds at the four-day festival.

Muster Program Director Jeff Chandler said the organisers are "very confident" this year's festival will raise the standard set in recent years.

"We had a great year last year, but we're very optimistic that the Muster could be even more successful this time around," he said.

"All performers are always welcome, but we've focused on putting Australian artists at the core of what we do, and I think we have a very impressive range of performers this year.

"We've also worked very hard to go beyond music, because there's more to the Muster than just music.

"People come for the music, but everything else brings the audience into the event and gets them involved in the festivities.

"People should be confident of what's going to be on offer this year."

Arguably the biggest event on the Gympie calendar, the Muster will also serve to benefit the community, with volunteers and local groups set to form a key component of the event's success.

Mr Chandler said a key factor of the Muster is to "provide service to the community".

"The Muster is based on charity and giving back to the people who support it" he said.

"Rather than paying contractors to prepare the venue, we engage with local community groups and help organise fundraising for them.

"Lots of volunteers make this possible.

"A lot of councils would do whatever they could to have an event like this, we need to keep it going strong."

On having a country music legend like Cassar-Daley serving as Ambassador to the event, Mr Chandler said he's the "perfect choice".

"Troy is a much-loved artist who is most successful and most enduring," he said.

"His accolades speak for themselves.

"He's very passionate about this event and this area, so it's very appropriate."

Mr Chandler said he encourages everyone to attend the event this year, "whether it's for one day or camping the entire time".

"Because of its history and heritage, the Gympie Muster is unique and needs to be preserved.

"People should support it in whatever way they can."