Gympie One Nation candidate Chelle Dobson
Gympie One Nation candidate Chelle Dobson Rowan Schindler

'Gympie needs new businesses and apprenticeships'

Letter to the Editor from Chelle Dobson

I HAVE (recently) had the opportunity to reread the letter sent in from Councillor Glen Hartwig (The Gympie Times, November 6).

Yesterday, I spoke to a group in Mary Street about jobs creation for Gympie.

I agree with Cr Hartwig that money needs to be directed into setting up businesses, there is land available in our region for light, medium and heavy industry.

The highway is just about to open, making access to Brisbane even easier and faster and offers easy distribution to the north.

With a current unemployment rate of approximately 8.6%, and considering the increasing underemployment, Gympie is in a prime position to attract the right people to new jobs.

One business to the west of Brisbane had no trouble attracting executives/management (not available locally) to their roles with smart advertising of the region to families and the regional lifestyle on offer.

One Nation in government will be offering incentives to "new” businesses (businesses not already in the locale) with payroll reductions and we will assist in cutting the red tape, something that is killing business.

We also want to support an apprenticeship scheme, this will require trade education centres, but then again we have a perfectly good TAFE building ready and waiting that Queenslanders have been paying for while mothballed.

So, Cr Hartwig, I hope you take up the opportunity to be one of the first to make an appointment with me when I am the member for Gympie to discuss this further.

Chelle Dobson,

One Nation Candidate Gympie