GYMPIE parents are still divided over their choice to smack or not smack. 

The Hey Mumma! web series has put smacking children back in the spotlight  as mums debated in the latest episode debated whether smacking still had a place in raising a child.

Missed the episode? Watch it here

We asked mothers picking up their children outside St Patrick's Catholic Primary School whether they smack their children. 

Most mothers said they chose other methods of discipline, including taking away privileges, or they would spend longer reasoning with their child. 

However, the Gympie Times also asked Facebook users in what circumstances they thought smacking was acceptable: never, only when the child was behaving very badly, or whenever the child was being naughty. 

Of the 21 commenters, only four said they would never smack their child. 

Another 16 said they would smack or threaten smacking when their child was being naughty. 

Only one took the middle ground and said they would only smack their child in severe circumstances. 

Would you smack your children?

This poll ended on 23 June 2016.

Current Results

Yes, smacking is effective and better for them in the long run.


No, I prefer other methods of discipline.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Here's what you said on Facebook: 

Samantha Wilkinson O'May: I'd rather give them a quick smack for naughtiness, it's parents swearing and calling them names I can't handle!

Sarah Latif: I got smacked on a daily basis as a kid... I probably deserved it though.

Jud-Ann Harvey: I am so not getting into this debate, it's as bad as the debate about breast feeding in public. Why can't we as parents learn to mind our business.

Jazz Busiko: We don't smack another adult for doing something we don't like even though they may be doing it intentionally, so why would we smack a child who is probably doing something we don't like due to not knowing better, never being taught it's not what they should be doing, being tired, overwhelmed, scared, angry etc and not having the development to understand their emotions or communicate them. And if they are old enough to be making those choices then surely they are old enough to have been taught that any violence is not really a solution to anything.

Leanne Jones-pfitzner: They're my kids and I will raise them the way I was raised with respect, manners and discipline. I turned out to be a hard working, tax paying citizen without any psychological issues and have never been in trouble with the law.