Gympie Muster revellers could be in for a wet weekend.
Gympie Muster revellers could be in for a wet weekend. JOHN GASS

Gympie, rain could be closer than you think

ALONG with an expected influx of music lovers and tourists, this year's Gympie Muster could be bringing wet weather to the region as well.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology's forecast up to 8mm could drop on the region on Saturday, a stark contrast to the region's dry conditions over the past three weeks.

"There's the chance of a pretty decent rain event over next weekend," forecaster David Crock said.

He said that while the forecast itself was "still a long way off... Saturday could be pretty wet" thanks to a slow moving upper low about to head into the region.

He agreed having rain fall on the Muster weekend was probably "not when you want it, but who's going to complain at this point?"


Gympie Muster getting ready Chris Winkley.
Chris Winkley gets ready for the 2018 Muster, which could be a wet one. Renee Albrecht

It would end streak in which Mother Nature not only undertook her own version of "Dry July", but added August into the mix as well.

Along with the bone dry three weeks, the BoM records show it has been 37 days since more than 2mm was recorded.

A total of 15.6mm has fallen since the start of July, well below the average for July and August of 67.8mm.

And while the promise of rain lingers, Gympie is going to have to get through a remarkably cold snap of mornings.

On Tuesday the minimum is expected to be -1C.

Over the following two days, resident an look forward to a slightly warmer start to the day with temperatures of 1C.

Once the Muster starts, however, mornings look to be more bearable, moving to 7C on Friday - and with it, the possibility of rain.

While the nights might be cool, it will be much different during the day with temperatures about 2C above the August average.