PERPLEXED: Ross Creek resident Al Harvey described Main Road's work as
PERPLEXED: Ross Creek resident Al Harvey described Main Road's work as "country cowboy stuff” after their erosion prevention methods seem to be having the reverse effect. Troy Jegers

Gympie region couple take on TMR over erosion tactics

ROSS Creek residents Jane and Al Harvey have witnessed major earthworks and mining operations in countries across the world, but what's happening in their own backyard has them baffled.

Mrs Harvey said she and her husband have had a front row seat on major mining sites from Sierra Leon, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa, to South America, Thailand and even New Guinea but the "batter remediation” work currently being undertaken along Tin Can Bay Rd is some of the worst they've ever experienced.

"It's real country cowboy stuff - they don't even have a water truck.

"What sort of earthworks outfit doesn't have a water truck?,” Mr Harvey said.

The Harvey's, both in their 70s are perplexed as to why the Department of Transport and Main Roads has been stripping the vegetation, periodically over the last two years, at the back of their property in the first place.

While it has been claimed to the Harvey's the work is being done to preserve the bank above Tin Can Bay Rd from erosion and the potential for land subsidence, the work seems to them to be counter intuitive.

"We were told by the bloke at Landcare to plant bamboo plants there because their fast spreading roots help to keep the soil together,” Mr Harvey said.

"Erosion along the slope top has increased since DMR (sic) last removed trees, some two years ago,” Mrs Harvey wrote in a letter of complaint to TMR. "This has occurred to such a degree that my boundary fence has had to be moved inwards some 3m.”

The bamboo and other vegetation in the road easement adjoining the Harvey's property is being systematically cleared to make way for netting, but the work is noisy, dusty and disruptive.

Since the work first started, two years ago, the Harvey's noticed the road noise much more and last year spent a considerable amount on sound-proofing the doors and windows.

"While this has improved noise conditions considerably, recent removal of trees and growth along the embankment has negated any improvements in sound levels,” Mrs Harvey wrote in her letter.

A representative from TMR said they are looking into the matter but was unable to officially comment on the matter by yesterday's deadline.

The Gympie Times will print their official response when it is received.