22 dog attacks have been recorded in the Gympie region this year so far.
22 dog attacks have been recorded in the Gympie region this year so far. ZELENENKYY YURIY

Gympie region dog attacks leave 22 people, animals injured

22 DOG attacks have left as many people and animals injured in the Gympie region so far this year, council has confirmed.

This year's statistics to date come after the Noosa Council demanded dog owners secure potentially dangerous animals in the wake of 12 attacks in the past month, one of which left an elderly Tewantin man with severe blood loss and another cost a local farm owner 30 of his sheep.

The 87-year-old man reportedly "lost a significant amount of blood” when he was set upon, prompting the council local laws manager Phil Amson to say enough was enough.


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- 'Dingo and wolf' put down after stalking Ridgewood community

Two dogs, one resembling a dingo and the other an Alaskan malamute, were euthanased this month by council officers after Ridgewood residents made numerous complaints of their aggressive and threatening behaviour.

A Gympie Regional Council spokesman said there had been 22 dog attacks across the region so far this year, resulting in injuries to 15 other animals and seven people.

The spokesman said none of the dogs involved had been put down.

The stats show an improvement on 63 incidents reported to June last year at an estimated rate of 11.45 per month and 145 total attacks in 2017, or 12.08 per month.

"Gympie Regional Council views dog attacks as a serious matter. Rangers view wandering dogs as potentially dangerous, and respond to wandering dog complaints as soon as possible, to ensure the community members feel safe,” the spokesman said.

"Council rangers also work to educate and advise members of the public on dog-related matters through programs such as the Pet Pep program, which discusses ways to prevent dog attacks, minimize wandering, and information about maintaining fences and gates.

"Gympie Regional Council also runs an after-hours animal pick up service that will pick up animals that customers have 'contained' on their properties. To report an animal you'd like picked up after hours, please call 1300 307 800.”

For more information on responsible pet ownership: https://www.gympie.qld.gov.au/animal-management.