LET'S HAVE A LOOK:  Gympie Times   reporter Scott Kovacevic examines several serious potholes in local roads.
LET'S HAVE A LOOK: Gympie Times reporter Scott Kovacevic examines several serious potholes in local roads. Jacob Carson

Gympie region residents rage over roads and rates

OF ALL the responses to Gympie Regional Council's most recent rate rises, criticism of the region's rural roads management was most prolific.

The age-old argument reared its head almost immediately upon the release of the latest hike, which stretched from as little as 1.8 per cent for some ratepayers to 100 per cent for others.


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Multiple readers shared their biggest areas of concern on Facebook, with Jill Callaway naming one close to town.

"The roundabout at the intersection of Reef and Monkland Sts, my grandson had a bad motorbike accident there trying to avoid a pothole, this was back in July and the bloody pothole is STILL there.”

Rammutt Rd at Chatsworth received multiple mentions, and Trina Barnes pointed out more than one danger caused by the state of the road:

"Trucks and buses travel this (road) daily, there isn't enough room for two vehicles most of the way let alone trucks,” she said.

"I've almost been ran off the road so many times I couldn't count.

"People drive on the wrong side of the road or have forced my car into big pot holes or into ditches because they don't want to get their shiny tyres dusty.

"With the speed limit set at 80km/h it's a recipe for disaster. Sadly the majority of passengers are children on their way to and from school.”

Turnbull Rd at Corella, Anderleigh Rd, Brooloo Imbil Rd, Tagigan Rd and Sandy Creek Rd were also mentioned, while some even suggested an easier task would be to name a "good road in Gympie”.

The council announced 35 roads would be getting work done in a busy next fortnight for workers, alongside five major developments to be worked on, including the River to Rail trail.

The Gympie Times will investigate the roads named and shamed by residents as needing immediate attention, and then seek the council's response on why they haven't been fixed and when they can be.

If you know of a road in dire need of fixing, email joshua.preston@gympietimes.com.