GOTCHA: Queensland Police movable cameras have caught thousands of speeders on our roads.
GOTCHA: Queensland Police movable cameras have caught thousands of speeders on our roads.

Gympie road where a speeder is nabbed every two minutes

GYMPIE'S worst hoon was caught at close to twice the speed limit in a 90 zone.

Police documents obtained through a Right to Information request show a motorist was caught driving at 169km/h in a 90 zone. The documents do not reveal what road the driver was caught on, or who it was.

The police statistics also show the Bruce Highway was Gympie's speeding hotspot, with three of the region's five most prolific cameras in 2017 based on the arterial.

As the Gympie Times previously revealed, the town is home to one of the Bruce Highway's worst speeding hotspot. The camera ran for 5.6 hours and booked 156 speeding drivers, one every two minutes and 10 seconds.

A police camera on Wickham St operated for 141 hours and issued 1239 tickets to speeding drivers. More than one ticket every seven minutes.

A camera on Brisbane Rd in Monkland operated for about three hours and nabbed 51 speeding drivers, one every four minutes.

RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie said many drivers went into "autopilot", especially on streets they knew well.

"Often when people are on the roads they drive every day, they go into autopilot mode. They think 'I know these roads' and don't switch on. That's a form of driver distraction which is one of the fatal five," she said.

"On suburban roads there are so many other road users. You have to deal not only with other cars, but pedestrians, cyclists, children. That just adds complexity to driving.

"When you speed you give yourself and your car less time to react to anything unexpected."


Regional road policing boss Inspector Peter Flanders said every traffic cop will have "two or three" serious high-speed crashes they have responded to that will stick with them forever.

"To be honest, my first reaction at every major crash I attend is anger," he said.

"It's just such a pointless waste. I have never been to a crash that needed to happen. You just think that this person did not need to die." -NewsRegional