Gympie schools issue coronavirus alert to parents, students

THE Gympie region's back to school rush has come with a health caution as the world continues to gain control over the spreading novel coronavirus which has killed 132 people.

Facebook pages for Gympie High, James Nash and Gympie Central schools have each recently posted Queensland Health flyers about the disease.

They included general advice that "if children become sick (e.g. fever, flu-like symptoms, sore throat, headaches, breathing difficulties) after having recently been to Wuhan or the Province of Hubei within China, or in contact with someone who is a confirmed case, they should present immediately to a doctor and not attend school unwell".

Gympie State High School is one of the schools to issue the warning and advice to parents.
Gympie State High School is one of the schools to issue the warning and advice to parents.

"Our school always follows the advice of public health authorities in these circumstances and I would ask you to be especially aware of this current situation in the interest of public health," the posts say.


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The accompanying flyer provides further details about the coronavirus, which had almost 6000 confirmed cases in China as of 2pm yesterday.

Cases have also been identified in other countries including Australia, Canada, France, Japan, the US, South Korea and Taiwan.

"There is evidence of human-to-human transmission, as some cases have not reported contact with the initial known source," the Queensland Health flyer says.

Students who become unwell and have links to Wuhan, the Provence of Hubei or another infected person should not go to school and instead consult with their GP.

"Please ring ahead to advise the health provider that you will be attending so they may take any necessary precautions."