Sporting shooters in action in Gympie region
Sporting shooters in action in Gympie region

Gympie sporting shooters 'ignored, stolen from, trod on'


IN REGARD to Daryl Benton's letter (The Gympie Times, July 20, 2019) and the page 4 heading Tweaks To Region's Town Plan.

Gympie Council 2018 Hilary Smerdon, Dan Stewart, Glen Hartwig, Bob Leitch, Mick Curran, Bob Fredman, Mal Gear, Daryl Dodt and Mark McDonald.
Gympie Council Hilary Smerdon, Dan Stewart, Glen Hartwig, Bob Leitch, Mick Curran, Bob Fredman, Mal Gear, Daryl Dodt and Mark McDonald. Renee Albrecht

Where it is reported that council states it is resolving "the future of the shooting clubs changing the sites which are zoned residential to open space”.

"One part of the area has also been designated an environmental offset for the upcoming Gympie Bypass.”

When 18,000 or more licensed shooters in our region find out these details this will cause huge growling and gnashing of teeth.

As for the Ordinary Meeting Agenda, June 26, 2019, at item 5.1 Consolidate Shooting Facility, a blatant bias bundle of inaccuracies impersonating a report, was not as stated by Daryl Brenton "dropped” - it was just withdrawn to be returned at their leisure.

One of the misleading statements:

"Compensation offset costs were likely between the range of $2.04 million and $10.2 million under the current government policy position. The effect of the department's position to not waive revocation and compensation offset costs and council's inability to fund the revocation. The significant difficulties involved in the identification, funding and acquisition of an appropriate offset.”

Open letter to Gympie Mayor Mick Curran
Open letter to Gympie Mayor Mick Curran

Then a little further down the Agenda at 5.3 Proposed Environmental Offset Sites, and the recommendations for the motion are:

"That Council: Supports the subject sites (lot 2 MPH14193, 1 MPH5670, 1 MPH23904, 19 SP299683 and 763 MCH5342) becoming offset sites for the Department of Transport and Main Roads.”

So in the same agenda that they say they have no funding of appropriate offset, they are converting land zoned as residential to open space (making it valueless), gifting it to the State Department of Transport and Main Roads, then offering to maintain it with the environmental levy that they extort with our rates.

What is worse than the imbecilic prevarication of the statements and that which will burn in the hearts of the region's firearm owners for years to come is that the properties that they are gifting to the state are all subsections of the original Victory Rifle Range block.

Councillor Glen hartwig is challenging Mayor Mick Curran at the next election.
Councillor Glen Hartwig is challenging Mayor Mick Curran at the next council election. Contributed

That residential land so near to town is worth many tens of millions of dollars in real estate, maybe ten times the amount required for the offset for the Corella/ Wood Rd, Curra Forestry area land.

What is even worse is that one of the blocks they are gifting away, 19 SP299683, is the current site of the Gympie Pistol Club.

This club was asked to relocate to this vacant bush site in 1965 where they were told they could stay in perpetuity.

The original members constructed the Gympie Pistol Club Rd which many years later council renamed Belvedere Rd.

Mayor Mick Curran speaks with the media after delivering the 2019-20 council budget.
Mayor Mick Curran Scott Kovacevic

The first electricity into that area was supplied by the Gympie Pistol Club, which they had installed for club use. Then Gympie Pistol Club was dealt the blow of the council subdividing the land around the Pistol Club.

The council subsidises and supports entertainment, the arts, the libraries, boating ramps, swimming pools, large model train sets, and fifty or more other flippant fancies but law abiding firearm owners are trodden on, ignored, brushed aside, stolen from and have never received financial support.



Ron Owen - It should of always been legal to hunt in state forest its the only way to get rid of all the pests
Ron Owen Troy Jegers



WHEN is The Gympie Times going to stop letting a wannabe rap artist fool them into writing bull---- articles to help promote his music?

I am talking about this T-dub guy. The article about Ice T getting behind him is the biggest joke ever as he paid through a site called to have a script read.

T-Dub Contributed

Also, do you really think someone as famous as Snoop Dogg really cares what some nobody from the Sunshine Coast really states about him?

How about stop making your paper and the town of Gympie look like utter fools? How about found some articles on some of the real upcoming artists of Gympie?





GLOBAL wars and corruption create escaping hordes of refugees who remain homeless in nations where they are mostly unwelcome.

Australia and many Western nations have their own demographic of homeless humans, many a result of poor socio-economic and health issues.

Governments at all levels conveniently fail to adequately address the crisis in homelessness and refugees.

Governments invest in what they value themselves. Not everyone has the where-with-all to cope with failure to some degree.

While governments spend billions in aid for developing nations and rightly so, charity begins at home. Globally, concerned welfare groups are struggling to meet the growing need, unassisted, often falling short.

By denying them the basic human rights to safety and survival, it is obvious that denial is a river in Egypt.

If we deny it exists, we need not address the issue. It is shameful in this, the greatest nation on earth, that men, women and even children live roughly and are deemed a nuisance.

They are our brothers and sisters. There but for the grace of God go we.

E. Rowe,