Gympie designer to the stars turns her talents to help fight coronavirus.
Gympie designer to the stars turns her talents to help fight coronavirus.

Gympie star designer turns her talent to help fight COVID-19

WITH her services not currently required, Gympie designer and milliner Cindy Vogels is making headwear of a whole different kind, for health workers in the frontline of the battle against coronavirus.


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“I’ve got nursing friends from all over the world contacting me asking for my help,” Ms Vogels said this week.

That help is coming in the form of medical hair coverings for nursing staff.

The scrubs are an integral part of helping to prevent infection in staff and patients.

Ms Vogels said with the recent shutdown of the entertainment industry, she was not getting any calls to create stage-wear and costumes for performing artists.

Cindy Vogels and Caitlyn Shadbolt
Cindy Vogels and Caitlyn Shadbolt

“There aren’t any gigs on and no venues that are open, so there’s not much call for my work at the moment,” she said.

But the industrious mum is spending her enforced isolation productively - making the 100 per cent cotton head coverings from remnants of material she has at hand.

“This way I don’t have to go out and buy new stock and I don’t have to leave the house,” she said.

The headwear has to be hot washed and made of 100 per cent cotton to meet with regulations and once completed is then shipped to private hospitals in Australia and across the world.

Ms Vogels is excited to be contributing in a positive way to those on the frontline of the global battle.

Cindy Vogels.
Cindy Vogels.

That is not the only thing keeping her busy during social isolation. Ms Vogels is homeschooling her three youngest children and said this had been a fun chore she has really enjoyed.

“The hardest part has been making sure we’ve all got the right equipment and everyone has a laptop each,” she said.