Domestic violence.
Domestic violence.

Gympie strangler given District Court bail

A 29-YEAR-OLD Gympie man has been given District Court bail until early next year after pleading guilty to violent offences including strangulation this week.

Andrew Gavin Hope was arraigned and then called upon for one count each of strangulation in a domestic setting, assault occasioning bodily harm and dangerous operation of a vehicle, all of which occurred on November 28 last year.

All three of the offences took place in Gympie with the dangerous operation charge stemming from an incident on Old Maryborough Rd, the court heard.

Hope’s lawyer Phil Hardcastle said he recognised the seriousness of his client’s offending but requested the matter be adjourned over to the next District Court sittings for the purpose of obtaining a psychiatric report.

That request was supported by the crown prosecutor.

Judge Gary Long accepted Mr Hardcastle’s submission that the report would potentially make a difference on whether or not Hope would be jailed.

Judge Long adjourned the matter until at least January 28 next year, when the first sittings of 2020 begin.