Gympie Times Unlimited: How will it work?

When will I have to pay to read my news?

The Gympie Times will use a metered digital subscription model which is designed to ask only our heaviest news readers to pay for some of the stories they read.

It will not affect people coming into the site on a casual or infrequent basis.

The meter will kick in after 10 articles in the first month of use. So if you only read a few articles each month, you won't pay anything. The majority of our readers won't be forced to pay for news under the model.

What if I don't want a newspaper delivery with my deal?

The best value deal is definitely the one with the Saturday paper. You get everything online, plus a Saturday paper, for just $3 a week in the 12-week trial period.

But if you only want digital access (which includes access to the digital print edition), you can request that package.

Will you have your own app?

Yes, the deal includes access to a new iPad and mobile app which will cater for both Apple and Android users.

What else does a subscription give me?

Being a subscriber, you will be given a daily newsletter on email as well as sent breaking news alerts on big local, national and international stories. You will also have unrestricted digital access to The Courier-Mail,, Presto for three months and The Washington Post for a year. We believe this is one of the most compelling digital news packages in this country.

Is there a discount to try it out?

Yes. We are offering 50% off for the first 12 weeks. The best value offer includes the Gympie Times delivered each Saturday plus full digital access for just $3 a week for the first 12 weeks.

That becomes $6 after the introductory period. Get five days delivered, plus everything online including digital access to the Courier-Mail, for $5 a week, rising to $10 after the first 12 weeks.

How do I sign up?

You can subscribe at after Tuesday or phone us then on 1300 361 604