VOTED: Gympie's LNP candidate Tony Perrett casts his vote this morning at Rainbow Beach.
VOTED: Gympie's LNP candidate Tony Perrett casts his vote this morning at Rainbow Beach. Tom Daunt

Gympie votes: Perrett candid on his performance

WHILE strong support in the south east corner could leave the ALP in power tomorrow, a conservative swing in regional areas may be enough to get Gympie's incumbent MP Tony Perrett across the line tonight.

A staunch advocate of primary producers, Mr Perrett is far from counting his chickens before they have hatched and acknowledged his 2017 election campaign as both frustrating and challenging.

"It is up to the voters now,” Mr Perrett said after casting his vote in Rainbow Beach this morning.

"There seems to be two elections going on.

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"It is one of the biggest challenges in politics generally. The state tends to be governed from the south east corner.

"Because of the one vote, one value system we have, two thirds of Queenslander's live in the south east corner and we are not part of that.

"As a regional member who was newly elected into opposition in 2015 I have felt that frustration and I think we will see that today in some of the voting trends across the state,” he said.

State-wide, the numbers are against Mr Perrett's LNP.

Of the state's 93 seats, 62 are based in metropolitan areas.

In a poll of 1,500 voters published in the Courier Mail, the ALP leads the LNP 52 per cent to 48 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

"I just hope that I have done enough over the three years in standing up and taking the fight to the government in Brisbane counts,” Mr Perrett said.

As part of the campaign, the LNP, via Mr Perrett has promised the region big.

Commitments of funding boosts to various community organisations and local infrastructure projects totals in the tens of millions.

Mr Perrett said he has not over promised.

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"We have got to be in government. It is as simple as that and I have been very careful to say that,” Mr Perrett said.

"I made some commitments before the last election. We weren't elected and we don't control the treasury benches and it is a challenge.

"It doesn't mean that I don't strive for the region and I think to sit and do nothing betrays the people of the region,” he said.