FILE PHOTO: Workers march on Labour Day.
FILE PHOTO: Workers march on Labour Day. Paul Braven GLA010517LABOURDAY

Gympie workers to march on Sunday for Labour Day

GYMPIE workers and community members will gather at Lake Alford tomorrow morning for Labour Day celebrations with 60,000 other Queenslanders.

This year will be the 128th year of celebrating Labour Day in Queensland.

Queensland Council of Unions Gympie Labour Day committee spokesman Jim Nilon said with just two weeks until election day on May 18, a change in government was the only way to change the rules and restore a fair go for working people.

"Real wage growth is close to zero and the past three years has seen the biggest drop in our living standards in thirty years. Meanwhile the richest 1 per cent of Australians own more than the bottom 70 per cent,” Mr Nilon said.

"Low wage rises hurt the whole economy and hold us back. Working people and small business are squeezed when wages are too low as people don't have enough money to spend.

"Around four million Australians - including many here in the Gympie - are in insecure work, one of the highest levels in the developed world.

"They are stuck in labour hire, casual work or on sham contracts. They don't have basic rights like paid leave, and often don't know how much work or pay they will get week to week. This makes it hard for Gympie families to plan for their financial futures.

DIVISION 2: The latest local to stand up for Division 2 Mr Jim Nilon.
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Jim Nilon. Photo: contributed contributed

"Working people are struggling to make ends meet because of the policies of this government which have devastated their rights and their ability to negotiate fair pay rises,” Mr Nilon said.

"Australians want a fair go. Jobs we can count on, fair pay rises that keep us ahead of the cost of living, and penalty rates restored.

"Right now, big business has too much power, and we aren't getting a fair go. Multinationals and the very rich are taking far more than their fair share, and the rest of us are going without.”

WHAT: Gympie workers gather to celebrate Labour Day

WHERE: 10am at Lake Alford for a BBQ

WHO: Local workers and their families