Dance Academy Cooloola's Michelle Weber (left), with her
Dance Academy Cooloola's Michelle Weber (left), with her "partner in crime" Lauren Langley, has been voted Gympie's best dance teacher.

Gympie’s best dance teacher rewarded for 30-year passion

All 11 nominees deserved the recognition they got, but there could only be one winner in the unofficial competition to decide Gympie’s best dance teacher.

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In a convincing win, it was Miss Michelle Weber from Dance Academy Cooloola who took the crown, pulling away from the pack to secure 40 per cent of the final vote.

The win is a testament to Michelle’s undying passion for the discipline, and just rewards for her 30 years of educating younger generations in the fine art of dance.

“It feels pretty awesome (to win),” Michelle said.

“I just love the kids. The kids are great. They’re there because they want to be there not because they’re dragged there, and it’s nice watching them grow up and continue doing something all the way through.

“It gives them that little extra bit of confidence, not everyone does dance so it just gives them a sense of being a little bit unique.

“Some of them have gone on and are now married and I’m teaching their children, so it’s nice to know they come back and they have good memories.”

Miss Michelle’s “partner in crime” Miss Lauren Langley was also among the votes, as were Miss Kath Sawrey and Kirra Holyhead from Dance Plus Physique (second and third place respectively).

It’s a journey that has come full circle for Michelle, who started her own dance pathway as a child.

“I started learning here when I was four through Dianne Williams, which most of us did,” she said.

“It’s been under the Dance Academy name since 2004, but I’ve had my own dance school since about 1991, it might even be longer than that, it might be 1989.

“We teach kids aged between three and 17, we do jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary and acrobatics.

“We’ve got approximately 150, but we’ve had to close some classes down due to COVID and we can’t get back into the other hall we were using yet.”

Call Michelle on 0407 767 481 or visit The Dance Academy Cooloola on Facebook if you’d like to register your child for classes.

Congratulations to our winner and all our awesome nominees!