FROM LEFT: Roxanne Macgregor, Jodie Pettigrew, Carley O'Donnell, Valasl Collins, Jim George and Mayor Mick Curran.
FROM LEFT: Roxanne Macgregor, Jodie Pettigrew, Carley O'Donnell, Valasl Collins, Jim George and Mayor Mick Curran. Josh Preston

Gympie's brightest volunteers reflect on a year of hard work

SOME of our most dedicated volunteers gathered to celebrate their efforts at the Gympie Region Volunteer Centre Christmas party on Tuesday.

Community members from diverse organisations caught up to discuss their various roles and reflect on another busy year.

Gympie Mayor Mick Curran attended the party and spoke on the importance of volunteer work in the community.

"It was a pleasure ... spending time with people who volunteer,” Cr Curran said.

"They're the aspects of living in regional Queensland, and especially the Gympie region, where you see so many good positive people either volunteering, being members of sporting clubs and assisting with those organisations, being members of service clubs. They all help out.

"It's good for the people involved because it's great social interaction, but they're delivering wonderfully for our community. That's what makes it.

"If everyone's running around looking after themselves, it's probably not a community that I would want to live in, and it's something that I'm always proud of ... to see the amount of people who volunteer or partake in organisations or groups for the benefit of the community.”

Gympie Region Volunteer Centre co-ordinator Carley O'Donnell said it was "amazing” to see people with different backgrounds integrate and get to know each other.

"Recognising and celebrating the hard work that volunteers do is very important because it gives value and appreciation to the volunteers who often volunteer out of the goodness of their heart and passion for community,” Ms O'Donnell said.

"There are many needs our community has that people are experiencing every day such as homelessness, financial hardship, people with disabilities or mental health issues, isolation, effects from natural disasters.

"These needs are being supported by volunteer involved organisations and volunteers.

"Without the generosity of volunteers, the Gympie region would be affected dramatically from individuals to families, schools and organisations. Many community groups ... would no longer be running or would have to limit the amount of services they provide, which then affects the community.”