FIGHT FOR LIFE: Lyme disease sufferer Naomi Robinson with her brother Jye Robinson.
FIGHT FOR LIFE: Lyme disease sufferer Naomi Robinson with her brother Jye Robinson. Contributed

Gympie earns the thanks of Lyme disease sufferer

IT'S been an uphill battle that's stretched over many years for Gympie woman Naomi Robinson.

A third of her life has been plagued by chronic Lyme disease, the result of a tick bite seven years before a diagnosis was delivered.

The past 24 months have seen Naomi's health take a steep downward turn, with special treatment in Cyprus the only chance she has left to regain some of her life.

She's now currently receiving this treatment, in part to the considerable generosity of Gympie locals, who raised the funds that got her there.

"A huge heartfelt thank you to all the kind and generous people who helped my fundraising to get me on the plane for medical treatment in Cyprus," Naomi said.

"Your support as a community has astounded me, and is something you all have to be proud of."

Lyme disease can wreak havoc on an infected body, especially when undiagnosed.

Spread by ticks, the disease affects a number of different parts of the body.

So severe has the impact been on Naomi's body, she has been largely bedridden, in severe pain and almost completely relies on the service of a carer.

The treatment she'll be using involves the use of ozone, which has been used in the eradication of infections for decades.

An initial goal of $30,000, which would cover flights and treatment, is within only a few hundred dollars of being reached.

Now a few weeks into her treatment, Naomi said while certain symptoms lingered, she was noticing improvements in other areas.

"There was definitely a noticeable reduction in sinus pain and I haven't had to use some of the top-of-the-line painkillers," she said.

"Some of you barely know me, haven't seen me since high school or don't even know me at all.

"I look forward to the day when I can in some way repay you for all your help," Naomi said.

For further information about Naomi's condition and progress, search for Fight Flight Cyprus on Facebook.