Lucas Jones from Brisbane cools off at Borumba Deer Park.
Lucas Jones from Brisbane cools off at Borumba Deer Park. LEEROY TODD

Gympie's summer-like heat is building towards wet weather

DESPITE officially passing the half way mark of autumn, the Gympie region sweltered through summer-like weather on the weekend, reaching a top of 31C on Sunday and on track today to hit 32C, four degrees above average and a little more than 3 degrees cooler than the hottest April day on record.

According to Weatherzone, which bases its forecast on Bureau of Meteorology data, the days should start to cool off from tomorrow while at the same time building to a potentially wet weekend.

The chance of rain will gradually build all week, until Saturday has a 90 per cent chance of precipitation, though only 1-5mm is expected to fall.

The wettest April on record was sin 1989, when Gympie received 405.4mm of rain, though the average rainfall for this month is 79.3mm.

So far this month, Gympie has received 31.2mm of rain, just over 3mm of that fell on the weekend. The hottest recorded April day in Gympie was in 1996, when the mercury hit 35.6C.

Some of the weather patterns we are now seeing are due to the end of the weak and short-lived La Nina of summer 2017-18.

The El Nina Southern Oscillation (ENSO) indicators have eased back to neutral levels, which means the ENSO Outlook has reset to inactive, the Bureau says.

This La Nina had relatively little effect on 2017-18 summer rainfall for Australia. However, it may have kept temperatures higher than average in southern parts of the country due to weather patterns being slower moving, and further south than normal.

El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), Indian Ocean Dipole and other climate drivers are now neutral. This neutral pattern indicates a reduced chance of prolonged extremes of rainfall or temperature, the Bureau says.