Dennis Cometti has been inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame.
Dennis Cometti has been inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame legend’s best one-liners

EACH and every week, footy fans tune in to watch the players battle it out over the span of four sometimes gruelling quarters.

But as good as the action on the field might be, it's the men behind the microphone who can elevate the play to a whole new level and that's what Dennis Cometti brought to the game.

He began commentating all the way back in 1971 before becoming the voice of the AFL throughout an illustrious career.

inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

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Inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame on Thursday night, Cometti, 71, along with former champion Port Adelaide defender John Abley, to conclude a four-night schedule of inductions announced on Fox Footy.

Although he may have hung up the microphone at the end of the 2016 season, Cometti lives on in AFL folklore thanks to the unbelievable wit that produced commentary gold over and over again.

"The legacy that he'll leave above all the other things is that one-liner that summed everything up so brilliantly and made us all smile," long-time calling partner Bruce McAvaney said.

"There are a lot of very good commentators, many that have come before Dennis and there'll be a lot that come after him, but I really believe he's the benchmark.

"Of all the people that have called the game, Dennis has created an aura about himself and an excellence that does stand alone, and for that he should be very proud."

Dennis and Bruce.
Dennis and Bruce.

Throughout his career Cometti reeled off some of the greatest one-liners the game will ever hear, here are a few of the standouts.


The biggest game went around for a second time after St Kilda and Collingwood played out a remarkable draw.

In the first quarter of the replay, St Kilda champion Nick Riewoldt had an open goal but a diving effort from Heath Shaw saw him smother the ball in one of the plays of the century.

Of course as good as the play was from Shaw, the call from Cometti was just as legendary.

"Came up behind him like a librarian, he never heard him," Cometti proclaimed.


The first appearance of this call came during the 1992 AFL Grand Final when West Coast Eagles player Peter Wilson bobbed up and slotted a miraculous goal.


The line Cometti had to change with the times. Initially the famous line started as "inch perfect" but after the metric system was introduced the line was altered to suit the times and remains in the commentary vocabulary to this day.


As North Melbourne streamed toward goal, a kick to the square saw Carlton defender Simon White and North forward Aaron Black battling it out.

"Going back is Black. White and Black, Black and White. Docherty comes away, needed another colour."


North Melbourne hard nut Anthony Rock smashed into an opponent and pinned him to the boundary fence and Cometti jumped at the opportunity with a classic zinger.

"Nasty situation. He's caught between a Rock and a hard place."


Richmond's stalwart defender Darren Gaspar helped Cometti produce arguably one of his most famous lines following an errant shot at goal.

"Gaspar from 40m out, hits the post! Gaspar the unfriendly post."


Hawthorn's Brent Guerra followed in the footsteps of Shane Warne as he aligned with a haircare company to grow back his fading locks.

Cometti wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity.

"Brent (Guerra) hates losing and that extends to his hair."


Melbourne's Adam Yze and Carlton's Anthony Koutoufides weren't immune from Cometti's wit with the West Australian icon getting them multiple times through their careers.

"Remember the name: Y-Z-E - terrific young player, bad Scrabble hand."

"There's Koutoufides - more vowels than possessions today."


Port Adelaide midfielder Josh Carr never shied away from a contest and it led to some brilliant calls from Cometti.

As he attempted to break free from an opponent: "Carr - covered by a third party"

After smashing into his brother Matthew, both Carr's wore the number nine jumper:

"How's that, a two Carr collision, both with the same rego!"


Hawthorn and Geelong have one of the best rivalries the game has seen and in round 19, 2012 they produced arguably their biggest contest.

A goal after the siren from star forward Tom Hawkins handed the Cats a colossal two point victory and Cometti leapt at the opportunity to reiterate the Cats' dominant streak over their opponents.

"They've done it again the Cats. How about that. The Cat is still on the back"


Originally published as Hall of Fame legend's best one-liners