Handsome thug brought undone by Aldi bag full of meth


SHANNON Macauley is handsome, hot-bodied and charismatic. He is also a violent criminal, a thug with a taste for easy money.

Now the 38-year-old faces a maximum of life in prison as a drugs mastermind after a freezer bag full of meth hidden under a rock in bushland south of Sydney helped police unravel a significant drug syndicate.

Shannon Macauley and Kimberley Treacy. Picture: Facebook
Shannon Macauley and Kimberley Treacy. Picture: Facebook

When he handed himself into police on July 24, 2017 over the drugs investigation, it was 14 years to the day he was first imprisoned.

He has spent 10 of his 38 years on this planet in prison and his crimes ­reveal a man versed in violence.


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Macauley was just 22 when he ploughed his car into eight people standing outside an 18th birthday party in Camden in June 2003.

He accelerated at 50km/h into the crowd outside the house party when a fight erupted after he gatecrashed the party, catapulting several people into the air and causing injuries including severe facial lacerations, a fractured rib, a punctured lung and chipped bones.

He was convicted of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Macauley was cleared of involvement in the death of partygoer Nathan Garriock, 18, who was struck in the back of the head with a timber block and kicked into unconsciousness during the resultant melee.

The car Shannon Macauley ploughed into a group of partygoers in 2003. Picture: Supplied
The car Shannon Macauley ploughed into a group of partygoers in 2003. Picture: Supplied

That fateful night, Macauley had already been on the run for 18 months after a brutal armed robbery at Eastern Creek Raceway in February 2002.

Macauley held a .357 pistol to a ­security guard's head during the robbery and a female staff member was ordered to lie on the floor and told: "Move and you'll be killed".

As Macauley and his fellow gang members fled with $42,000 loot they fired several shots at pursuing police.

He was convicted of shooting at people to resist apprehension, armed robbery, aggravated break and enter, and committing a serious indictable offence in company.

Just two months after he was finally released from prison in January 2014, he was fined $2000 and disqualified from driving for two years after a high-speed police pursuit while on his L plates and possessing steroids.

Now guilty of commercial drug supply and dealing with the property proceeds of crime, he will be sentenced at Campbelltown District Court on November 22.

Police say Macauley was a drug syndicate's mastermind after officers dug a blue Aldi freezer bag full of $133,970 cash, 105.6g of methylamphetamine and 382.2g of cocaine out from under a rock in bushland near Wilton in September 2016.

A raid in July 2017 at the Wilton home he shared with de facto partner Kimberley Treacy also uncovered $151,00 cash and 738.4g of ice.

Kimberley Treacy, who is well-known for her Lip Lab makeup brand, is facing drugs and proceeds of crime charges and is yet to enter a plea.