Hanson fires off demand for new Virgin bosses

QUEENSLAND senator Pauline Hanson has demanded the new owner of Virgin Australia show "goodwill" to thousands of mum and dad shareholders who stand to lose their investment in the carrier.

American investment giant Bain Capital is in the process of finalising its purchase of the bankrupt airline.Senator Hanson has written to the company asking it to look after shareholders facing "a total loss of their investment in Virgin Australia".

"I would hope that Bain Capital takes its corporate responsibility approach to protect those vulnerable investors in the same manner they approach the bond holders with the capital and legal backing to ensure their investments are protected," she said.

"One must take into account it is that large number of shareholders that will be the clientele of Virgin in the future."

Senator Hanson said some investors could be losing "a partial or wholly percentage loss of their retirement capital".

Senator Hanson, who has previously called for Bain to keep the carrier in Brisbane, has also weighed on in the issue of refunds for international flights.

Bain has suggested the carrier will return to a domestic-only carrier, prompting Senator Hanson to question the future of international tickets.

"Those travellers that have pre purchased their international flights cannot take those flights irrespective of the cause …. Therefore, Virgin Australia cannot honour those booked and paid for flights," she said.


Originally published as Hanson fires off demand for new Virgin bosses