COMPETITIVE: Maddie Hines (Left) of Ipswich takes on Maryshiel Turner of Gympie at the Gympie Titles.
COMPETITIVE: Maddie Hines (Left) of Ipswich takes on Maryshiel Turner of Gympie at the Gympie Titles. LEEROY TODD

Hard hits and highlights in Gympie karate titles

THERE were plenty of highlights as budding young and beginner martial arts competitors competed for honours at the Pavilion on Saturday.

Gympie Karate Club president and chief instructor Noel Turner said the competition aims to initiate the beginners.


"We usually run this tournament every year,” he said.

"The main reason is to help the young ones and beginners get into the tournament scene.

"You can't have beginners up against advanced. You have to have them in their regional belt covers.

"It gives them an introduction into the tournament scene and a sample into the tournament style.

"It enables them to see what they will face in the state and national tournaments.”

Karate Hayley Parkhill Widgee
PATIENCE: Hayley Parkhill, from Widgee, practices her form. LEEROY TODD

Karate Rose Turner Gympie
TECHNIGUE: Gympie's Rose Turner strikes a fine form while practicing ahead of her match. LEEROY TODD

With a healthy turnout of competitors, Turner said the competition provided many highlights.

"It started at round about 9am and finished at 2pm.

"There's round about 50 divisions, that covers juniors through to seniors. - beginners, novice and advanced - that's a fair range to cover.

"We had around about 65 competitors. We do get more than that at different times. It was only a couple of weekends ago the state titles were on.

"I think most was a pretty good highlight in every division. Each division has their own highlights. The people competing, probably the beginners were really wrapped, they were asking when the next one was.

"The beginners who had never been in it before, this was a great opportunity to be there, they had a real ball.”

Karate Jaye Ifield Bundaberg (going to australian titles)
TALENTED: Jaye Ifield, from Bundaberg, is going to Australian titles later this year. LEEROY TODD

Karate Ashton Brown Gympie
SOCIAL: Gympie's Ashton Brown practices alongside his classmates. LEEROY TODD