Harlequins stride to victory over Valleys

CRICKET: There was little pressure on Harlequins for a win this week, having already secured their place in the 25/25 final, but that didn't stop them serving it to Valleys as best they could at Jack Ison Oval on Saturday.

On Friday Harlequins president and player Peter Kross had admitted the side would still be hunting down a proper win the following day and that's just what they did.

Harlequins won the toss and got off to a rough start with opening batsman Mick Walsh being sent out with a duck and it was midle-order batsman Dave Brodtman who stepped in to save the day.

Brodtman stepped in and stayed for the duration, finishing on 68 not out, which included a 92-run partnetship with Craig Sorrell (26).

Harlequins' 155 was enough to stave off Valleys (107) despite Connor Ryan (50) supplying a third of the runs needed.

The batting trailed off after Ryan was dismissed by a catch from Jarred Darrach off a ball from Harlequins skipper Tim Kross (2-9).

Scoreboard - Harlequins v Valleys

Harlequins innings

M Walsh LBW A Lawless - 0

S Zahner c behind B Briggs - 15

S Ringuet c K Leupold b B Briggs - 3

D Brodtman not out - 68

P Kross c K Leupold b B Briggs - 0

J Symons b M Brady - 6

C Sorrell b T Hillcoat - 26

T Kross c Santowski b A Lawless - 22

J Darrach b A Lawless - 1

Sundries - 13

TOTAL: 8 for 155


Valleys innings

C Ryan c J Darrach b T Kross - 50

Z Gagen c D Brodtman b C Sorrell - 0

B Santowski c T Kross b M Smith - 2

K Leupold LBW T Kross - 2

A Leppein b M Smith - 0

A Lawless N/A - 23

B Briggs b C Sorrell - 1

T Hillcoat c S Ringuet b P Kross - 14

N Mills c T Kross b P Kross - 6

M Brady c P Kross b L Wheeler - 3

G Brady b P Kross - 0

Sundries: 6

TOTAL: All out 107

Harlequins won