Cr Glen Hartwig is challenging Mayor Mick Curran for the top job at the next election.
Cr Glen Hartwig is challenging Mayor Mick Curran for the top job at the next election. Contributed

Hartwig denies any role in 'open letter' critical of Curran


THANK you Mr Plant for suggesting that I may have been the author of that fine "Open Letter".

Sadly, I can not take credit for the work and I am not aware of the author's identity.

As they say desperate times calls for desperate measures.

It was common knowledge through the council organisation and wider community that I was going to run for Mayor.

Open letter to Gympie Mayor Mick Curran
Open letter to Gympie Mayor Mick Curran

My position of the Rattler, the smoke and mirrors of council, targeting rural rate payers and the lack of road maintenance is not new to you or the community.

I know you are not a gymnast but you are in my opinion quite handy on the backflip.

It was you that suggested I was speaking out against council mismanagement and overspending simply to build a profile so I could try to unseat Tony Perrett.

I was clear then and nothing has changed, Tony and Michele do a wonderful job representing this region, there is no need for change and I have unreserved support for him and the good work he is doing.  I have no intention or desire to run for state or federal politics.

Gympie prayer breakfast - Tony Perrett, Michele Perrett
Tony and Michele Perrett: Mayoral candidate Cr Glen Hartwig says they duo does a wonderful job representing this region and has his unreserved support. "I have no intention or desire to run for state or federal politics.” Troy Jegers

I love this region and feel my honesty is needed in local government to assist Gympie grow.

Now you suggest I had a role to play in the "open letter".

Is this your opinion or your neighbour's?

I thought (it had been) suggested to some it was (Marlene) Owen?

The Mayor made what I believe is a condescending remark during the budget meeting, suggesting that councillors who spoke out were actually the problem.

As I suggested to The Gympie Times, that is not the case and I offer myself as a solution to the mismanagement and overspending that cloud this council.

The challenge in this council is that the solutions have been given to the Mayor for the last three years.

The problems with the Rattler project were given to the Mayor and councillors as far back as December 2016.

I can not be responsible for someone that doesn't listen to common sense.

Planning issues, Rattler mismanagement, failure to maintain roads to an adequate standard and over spending are not the recent rabbit out of the hat you may suggest.

They have been a constant message delivered by more than one councillor.

We have not been listened to and therefore the community has been ignored.

The open letter was a cry for help from a community that has been, in my opinion, treated with contempt for having the expectation their elected officials would listen, learn and act.

Gympie Rattler getting ready.
Gympie Rattler getting ready. Renee Albrecht

Instead of taking responsibility he suggests it's someone else by saying other councillors too.

It was his promise to make the Rattler run.

I didn't hear any other councillors make that promise.

It was his promise to have a CPI rate rise that resulted in the targeting of rural land holders.

I think for some the smoke has got in the eyes and vision may be obscured.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer your concerns.