woman driver shifting the gear stick and driving a car
woman driver shifting the gear stick and driving a car lzf

He broke her gear stick because 'she wouldn't be quiet'

A MAN broke the gear stick of his partner's car because "she wouldn't be quiet" after they argued.

Joseph Patrick Hickson, 23, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court last week to one count of wilful damage.

Police prosecutor Constable David Longhurst said Hickson and his partner were at their residence in Mt Morgan at 11am on July 1 when they argued about where they were going to drink alcohol that afternoon.

He said his partner claimed Hickson started hitting and grabbing the gear stick in her car after the argument.

Const Longhurst said Hickson managed to break the gear stick.

He said when Hickson attended the police station at 11.15am voluntarily and told them he became angry because she wouldn't be quiet and he starting waving his arms around, hitting the gear stick.

Defence lawyer Dominic Jorgensen said Hickson had 10 days (as of yesterday) left on parole and had been undergoing rehabilitation through counselling for domestic violence but not alcohol.

Hickson was ordered to a three month prison term, wholly suspended and operational for nine months.