ONE of the Australian victims of the London terror attack has given a chilling account of how she looked into the eyes of the terrorist who slashed her throat.

Candice Hedge's gives her chilling account in an interview to air on Channel 7's current affairs flagship Sunday Night.

"He looked at me and I looked at him," Candice, her neck bandaged, tells Melissa Doyle.

"It really happened so quickly."

The 34-year-old former Dalby woman was one of 48 people injured by three terrorists who killed eight people, driving into pedestrians on London Bridge before going on a stabbing rampage in Borough Market last Saturday night.

‘He looked at me and I looked at him,’ Candice tells Sunday Night.
‘He looked at me and I looked at him,’ Candice tells Sunday Night. Channel 7

Two Australians, Sara Zelenak and Kirsty Boden, died at the hands of the terrorists.

A London man has told how he desperately tried to save Sara and distract the terrorists as she was hunted down.

Candice was trying to hide under a table, when one of the terrorists saw her, and came back to stab her in the throat, her father told The Courier Mail earlier this week.

"She got to hide and thought she was good enough, and then just at the last minute he came back and stabbed her."

She was having dinner with her boyfriend when the terrorists struck.

She was briefly in a coma, but earlier this week assured friends via Facebook she was "doing OK. Bit of pain but I will survive. Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes. Love to all."

It's understood the knife missed Candice's main arteries and windpipe and she is recovering well after receiving stitches.

Sunday Night airs at 8.30pm Sunday on Channel 7