James Beel-Endycott  with his partner Kamahla Baker.
James Beel-Endycott with his partner Kamahla Baker.

'He took a knife to a fist fight'

"HE TOOK a knife to a fist fight."

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller told this to the jury that will decide the fate of a Toowoomba man who is accused of a Gold Coast murder.

James Beel-Endycott was knifed in the chest near his left nipple on June 10, 2016 in front of his partner of four months Kamahla Baker at Beaudesert.

Shane Colin Duffy has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Beel-Endycott and is on trial in Brisbane Supreme Court.

The jury previously heard evidence that Mr Beel-Endycott and Mr Duffy were seen fighting on the night the victim was stabbed.

In his closing address, Mr Fuller on Wednesday urged the jury to convict Mr Duffy, saying he was the only person responsible for Mr Beel-Endycott's death.

Mr Duffy's defence counsel Damian Walsh, however, said Mr Duffy should be acquitted because Ms Baker could have stabbed her partner after Mr Duffy left the scene.

Mr Walsh said that the murder weapon might have been a small knife found in the kitchen after the victim died.

He said a knife found in a field near the Baker home that had Mr Beel-Endycott's DNA on it was not categorically proven by the Crown to be related to the crime.

The field was in the area that Mr Duffy may have taken to get to a friend's home, the jury previously heard.

The court also heard Ms Baker and Mr Beel-Endycott's relationship was marred by abusive behaviour and drug use and that this was seen by neighbours and other witnesses.

While she was giving evidence earlier this week, Ms Baker emphatically denied the allegation she killed her partner.

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