Head lice hit schools

AN IMBIL man is pleading for parents of students who attend the Mary Valley College to treat their children for head lice.

The parent, whose name has been omitted to protect the identity of his child, says his stepdaughter in Year 1 at the school had been treated for lice seven times this year.

“Before the holidays she had nits and we treated and treated, then on the holidays they were gone, now she is back at school they have come back,” he said.

The man said it had been distressing for the whole family and the child had to be pulled from school to try to get rid of the itchy pests.

“All the school can do is send a letter home. Some parents don’t care. We like to get on top of it and get it sorted out,” he said.

“As a last resort we might have to shave her head. We’re sick of forking out for head lice treatments.”