Heard: Depp was like ‘Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde’



Amber Heard claimed Johnny Depp was like "Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde" during their relationship and made her violent alcoholic father look like "a saint when he fell off the wagon".

Ms Heard looked uncomfortable tonight when discussing her father, as she continued to give evidence for a fourth day in Mr Depp's libel case against The Sun for calling him a "wife beater" in a 2018 article.

The court was read a series of text messages between Ms Heard, 34, and her late mother, Paige.

Ms Heard told the court that she did not want her mother to tell her dad that she was being attacked by Mr Depp, 57.

"He makes dad look like a saint when he falls off the wagon," she said in a text message to her mother in March 2013.

Giving evidence, Ms Heard said: "My dad struggled with alcohol and drug abuse issues his whole life. He's an alcoholic and he's very violent but I love him very much.


"I felt safe to tell my mother but I didn't know how my dad would react, I didn't know if he would react violently … to Johnny. I didn't want to make it worse."

Ms Heard said that her father was violent towards her mother until she died, which she addressed in an Instagram post in May, 2020.

She told Sasha Wass, QC, for The Sun that she told her mother in the 2013 text message exchange that Mr Depp had not beaten her to stop her from telling her father.

The Aquaman actress then told the court why she had stayed with Mr Depp, despite claiming that he was physically abusive to her

"I was so in love with Johnny at that time, we had a wonderful year together where he was sober and clean," she said.

"When he was clean and sober he could be this wonderful person, generous and loving, he's a remarkable man when he's like that.

"I thought he could get better and clean. The other side was a monster.

"I always held on hope that he could get clean and sober."

Johnny Depp arrives at Royal Courts of Justice, Strand in London, England. Picture: Getty Images
Johnny Depp arrives at Royal Courts of Justice, Strand in London, England. Picture: Getty Images


But Ms Heard told the court about how she was concerned for Mr Depp when he was late to a filming of a documentary about Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards in March 2013.

She had asked Mr Depp's then assistant Nathan Holmes if the actor was "still standing" in a text message.

"I was asking if he was still standing, still alive," she said.

"He had done cocaine and drank for well over a day at this point, it was like 36 hours or more into it, at the time I wasn't familiar with his patterns."

Ms Heard also said that in March 2015 on the Gold Coast she found extensive damage to the property.

"There was mashed potatoes and gravy rubbed all over the door, I had barricaded myself on the inside," she said.

Ms Heard claimed that Mr Depp severed his finger when he smashed a wall mounted telephone against a wall after he had "loosened his grip" on her neck.

Mr Depp has denied that he was ever violent towards Ms Heard.





Originally published as Heard: Depp was like 'Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde'