I LOVED HER: Fay Porter and Jack Wishart before she passed at the end of last year.
I LOVED HER: Fay Porter and Jack Wishart before she passed at the end of last year.

Heartbreaking end to 93-year-old’s second chance at love

FROM the moment Victorian man Jack Wishart laid eyes on Fay Porter during a visit to Warwick, sparks flew.

A cup of tea became 25 years as the pair, whose spouses had both passed, split their time between their homes in Melbourne and Warwick.

"It became a running joke that the tea was so hot I took five days to drink it, and after that we became a couple" he said.

"I spent $1200 in phone calls trying to get her to come and visit me."

For them, it was a second chance on love without the distraction of kids and money troubles that came with being young.

"I've only loved two women in my life, the first I was married to for 45 years and the second I got to be with for 25," he said.

Mrs Porter passed in September, but Mr Wishart hopes he can keep her memory alive as the most beautiful woman he's ever met through a money donation in her honour.

"When Fay came to Melbourne my old work friends, morsecodians, with their wives would have dinner with us at the greyhound entertainment area where we'd earn points for our meals," he said.

"That would turn into money that we use at the end of each year to donate to charity."

This year, Mr Wishart decided they would donate the $100 to Warwick for drought relief, in memory of Fay.

Now nearing 93 years old and still an avid gym goer, Mr Wishart said things have been lonely since Mrs Porter's sudden passing in September 2019.

"She was 88 and ended up in Warwick Hospital with lung disease, only dying a week later," he said.

"I was pretty devastated I didn't get to say goodbye but we'd just spent an amazing month together. "

"I had got used to the fact that she couldn't have stayed with me and she was at the point where I couldn't leave her alone out in public because of her Alzheimer's's."

It's hard to believe Mr Wishart is suffering from ailing health himself, with Prostate cancer spread throughout his body.

"It's strange, I actually feel really good at the moment, but I have an oncology appointment soon where I will know more" he said.

"But I've been very fortunate in my life loving two beautiful women, in my eulogy I said when I met fay I didn't expect to replace her husband and she wasn't replacing my wife but at the end of it, she came bloody close."