Heatwave conditions experienced last week are set to return today.
Heatwave conditions experienced last week are set to return today. Christine Mckee

Heatwave moving throughout CQ to make life uncomfortably hot

THINGS are heating up across the region with a low-intensity heatwave sweeping across the Central Queensland.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, low to severe heatwave conditions are forecast throughout Central Queensland.

Extreme intensity is also forecast for parts of the tropical coast of Queensland.

BoM meteorologist Lachlan Stoney said the heatwave was expected to last from today to about Thursday.

"Inland locations are especially going to be vulnerable to the heat," Mr Stoney said.

"Places like Biloela will be getting up to 41C today and up to 42C tomorrow.

"Going further inland, places like Emerald are looking at up to 43C in that three-day period.

Mr Stoney said closer to the coast, people could expect slightly cooler air with afternoon sea breezes.

"Today we are forecasting 39C for Rockhampton, 35C for Gladstone and a bit cooler in Yeppoon with a total of 31C," he said.

"Tomorrow we are forecasting 38C for Rockhampton, 35C for Gladstone and 31C for Yeppoon. Thursday is looking pretty much the same as tomorrow.

"Friday is expected to cool down a little bit by a couple of degrees and by the weekend we expect temperatures to be a bit more moderate, about 30 to 32C across the coast and similar inland, at about 33C."

Mr Stoney said inland locations could expect more of a dry heat than those living closer to the coast

"Conditions could be pretty muggy for Gladstone and Rockhampton, it could make things feel hotter than the temperature actually is," he said.