Rainfall forecast for Monday, February 17.
Rainfall forecast for Monday, February 17.

Heavier showers are forecast for next weekend in CQ

WHILE some areas received more than 50mm of rain over the weekend, Rockhampton and other major towns in CQ ­remained quite dry, as if a globe was protecting them from a downpour.

Captain Creek, west of Agnes Water, received the most rainfall in the Capricornia region, clocking in with 76mm on Saturday.

A severe thunderstorm warning was also issued for that area, with most of the rainfall falling within one hour.

Dairy Creek, south-west of Rockhampton, received 52mm and Alligator Flats, east of Miriam Vale, received 49mm.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Alex Majchrowski said most of the rainfall over the weekend was in iso­lated thunderstorm activity t­o the south of Gladstone and west of Rockhampton.

"There were a few patches that got some decent totals, but most areas didn't receive much. Most got less than 5mm," Mr Majchrowski said.

From 24 hours until 9am Sunday, Rockhampton and Yeppoon recorded 0.2mm, Emerald recorded 0.6mm and Biloela didn't receive a single drop.

Mr Majchrowski said there was still the chance of showers throughout the week for Capricornia, however, the chance of that activity increased ­towards next weekend.

He said temperatures would also remain quite high throughout the region.

"We are looking at 34 ­degrees for Rockhampton today, increasing throughout the week to the highest of 36 degrees on Thursday, which is when you are most likely to see a storm as well," he said.

"Yeppoon is a very similar forecast for shower and rainfall activity. However, the temperatures are a lot cooler as it is closer to the coast, with a maximum of 31 degrees expected throughout the week.

"For Biloela the chance of seeing some storm activity does ease of tomorrow but will pick up on Thursday, similar to Rockhampton. Maximum temperatures of 34 degrees are expected until Thursday when things are expected to cool off a little bit.

"Emerald is unlikely to see any shower or storm activity until Thursday, with a maximum temperature of 36 degrees throughout the week."