HUNT ON: Craig Rose is looking for the hit-run driver who crashed into his girlfriend’s parked car.
HUNT ON: Craig Rose is looking for the hit-run driver who crashed into his girlfriend’s parked car. Cathy Adams

Craig searching for hit and run hoon who smashed this car

CRAIG ROSE has launched a one-man crusade to find the culprit who slammed their car into his girlfriend's vehicle and wrote it off last Friday night.

He has appealed to the public for help after a black ute was seen crashing into the $1900 Suzuki Baleno which was parked in front of Northcoast Wholesale car yard in Lismore.

From what he can piece together the black ute was speeding over the Ballina Bridge towards Union St where it turned left at the roundabout, fish-tailed, lost control and slammed into the parked Suzuki Baleno.

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Before anyone could get the registration of the vehicle it was gone, he said. "I know it's common enough for people to drive away if they scratch a car in a car park, but this is different," he said.

Disappointed and dismayed that someone had hit the car and not stopped, while it had cost his girlfriend "a couple of grand", Mr Rose has launched his own investigation.

He wants to find "the culprits" and is seeking witnesses to the accident and tip-offs from the public.

"The car that caused the accident must have been damaged as well, so if any panel beaters are asked to fix the left hand side of a black ute, they should contact police," he said.

"It wasn't in the middle of the night, it was around 7.30pm, so there would have been people around."

He has already received phone calls and been contacted on social media by people who witnessed the accident.

"It is pretty clear a black ute was involved. This has been confirmed by several people," he said.

He has also door-knocked residents living close to the crash site, and believes a silver car that stopped at the scene could also have some useful information.

Mr Rose has also studied the CCTV footage captured by a service station several blocks away from the crash, but did not see signs of a black ute.

"No-one got the number plate, so tracking down the car is not easy," he said.

"I'm not expecting the driver to own up, but somebody must know who owns that car," he said.

He had been trying to sell the Suzuki for $1900 on behalf of his girlfriend who is England on holiday, celebrating after finishing university.

The car has extensive panel damage.