Jade Dell with her twin sister Hope. Hope died in a fatal crash on December 11, 2014
Jade Dell with her twin sister Hope. Hope died in a fatal crash on December 11, 2014

Helping Hope Dell's family find happiness again

"HELP my mum find her smile again".

That's the plea from the twin sister of a beautiful young girl who died in a car crash in December last year.

Hope Dell died in a car crash on December 11 when the car she was a passenger in crash into a tree on Caloundra Rd. 

The devastating loss of the bright young woman was a huge blow for her friends, family and the entire Coast community.

But the death has hit Hope's family the hardest. 

Hope's sister Jade Dell has created a crowdfunding page in an effort to help heartbroken mum, Faye Read. 

The raw memories of Hope's love and laughter filling the home has been too much to cope with and Faye has been forced to put her home on the market.

"I would like to tell you about my sister but also about my mum who has shown nothing but strength in her life up until this point - now I watch her struggle daily and I can't stand it," Jade wrote on the crowdfunding page. 

Fatal crash victim Hope Dell on her graduation day.
Fatal crash victim Hope Dell on her graduation day.

"My mum brought us up from the age of one to the age of five by herself as a single parent.

"Then she met my stepdad who we shared our life with up until 2010. Tragically my stepdad passed away and my mum continued to bring us up on her own from that day on."

Jade wrote of how strong her mother had always been, and how now she needed a helping hand too.

"She's made sure we had every opportunity in life - her sacrifices in life have made sure we both matured into the best people we could be," Jade said. 

"I'm thankful to have her as my mum and I love her. What she's had to experience in her life is just unfair.

"No one should lose their husband and then her daughter.

"I just wish I could make it all easier for her.

"My twin sister and I were very close - mum brought us up to have each others backs - to support each other and above all be best friends as well as sisters."

Jade recalled the tragic day she lost her sister. 

"Hope left home on the 11th December last year to go Christmas shopping with friends," she wrote.

"It (the car) hit a tree and she died at the scene of the accident.

"This all happened about five minutes from where we live.


"This tree is a reminder every day of how my sister died. Its just devastating. It's a two minute drive from where my mum goes to work everyday.

"Not only has my mum experienced loss before but losing her daughter (my twin sister) has just broken her. 

"I hear her crying herself to sleep at night and I worry that I can't take away her pain. She puts on a brave face around everyone and carries on but I know deep down she is struggling.

"She struggles daily living in the house we all called home.

"Hope loved where we lived - she filled our family home with love and laughter.

"Sadly those memories are just too painful for my mum to bear. She can't even go into my sister's bedroom.

"Every day she wakes she's filled with sadness and the reality that Hope's no longer here."

Jade said her mother can no longer live in the same house, the memories are too raw. 

"She's put the house on the market and is prepared to pack up and move away," she wrote.

"She knows deep down she can't heal living in the house that was once filled with Hope. I feel the same."

The memories of losing Hope Dell are still raw.


"I'd like to fundraise some money for mum. To help her with legal and real estate fees.

"I'd like to be able to make it a bit easier for her.

"She works hard every day - trying to make ends meet for us to have a fresh start.

She deserves this move and new start.

If you can help in any way - Thank You."