Hendo's last Show - he's hanging up the microphone

IT IS hard to imagine now, but the first Gympie Show was held on the site of the Old Gympie Railway Station 140 years ago.

It was 1877, and the show was named the Gympie Agricultural, Mining and Pastoral Society Exhibition and was timed to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of gold being discovered in Gympie.

Since then, only two world wars and the Depression have been able to stop it.

Generations of hard working and dedicated Gympie region families have helped to make it one of the best, if not the best, agricultural shows in the land.

In a world of rapid change and evolving technology, it remains a fine tradition and social highlight for this community.

In 1884, the Show moved to the Southside and in 1964 Alain Henderson began his role as the ring announcer. More than five decades later he is still doing it. Sadly, though, this will be Hendo's last year.

The Show will go on, of course, but it won't be the same without the familiar, friendly, tireless soundtrack of Hendo's voice.

It's just another excellent reason to make sure you don't miss this year's Show.

While you're there, say g'day to Hendo. He's a living legend. Shake his hand.

From all of us at The Gympie Times, we salute you Hendo.