Kybong Airport aerial image
Kybong Airport aerial image Contributed

Here's why the sky over Gympie region is about to get safer

A SAFETY briefing for Gympie region pilots will be held next week.

CRASH: a trainee pilot was lucky to walk away from Saturday's crash, during a training exercise at Kybong airport on Saturday.
CRASH: a trainee pilot was lucky to walk away from this recent crash during a training exercise at Kybong airport. Contributed

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All local pilots are urged to attend the briefing which is being delivered by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Gympie pilots will learn lessons from past accidents and incidents to make the sky over Gympie even safer.

Plane crash on a private property at Melawondi near Kandanga.
A plane crash on a private property near Kandanga some years back. Renee Albrecht

The briefing will focus on pilot pre-flight and in-flight decision making, flying within personal limits and hazards during landing.

Pilots will be encouraged to share their own good and bad flying experiences and any lessons they have learned.

It is also a great opportunity for local pilots to give feedback and suggestions to CASA and to catch up with their colleagues.

CASA's Peter Gibson said the briefing for Gympie pilots was part of a national aviation safety campaign.

"Getting pilots to think and talk about aviation safety issues is the key aim of the briefing,” Mr Gibson said.

"This is not just CASA talking but an important chance to share safety knowledge and experiences.”

The free Gympie aviation safety briefing is being held on Monday, March 19, 2018 at 6pm at the Gympie Aero Club.

People attending are asked to book online at the CASA website.

Kybong Aerodrome in Gympie.
Kybong Aerodrome in Gympie. Renee Albrecht