ADVENTURER: A reader and girl guide, Sofia Mirto finds new ways to explore the world much like the characters of Enid Blyton's books.
ADVENTURER: A reader and girl guide, Sofia Mirto finds new ways to explore the world much like the characters of Enid Blyton's books. Scott Kovacevic

Here's your chance to 'book' 15 new adventures

A BOOK lover and a member of the Gympie Gumnuts, Sofia Mirto knows a thing or two about about the joys of adventure.

And the self-proclaimed "100 per cent" passionate reader rolled those two loves into one epic effort last year when she claimed Queensland's top fundraiser spot for the MS Readathon.

She generated a whopping $2530 for the charity by reading, in her mother Jenny's estimation, "50-odd" books in August.

So to help the region catch up, The Gympie Times will be giving readers the chance to collect 15 books by beloved author Enid Blyton over the next three weeks.

And eight-year-old Sofia says the benefits of being a book-lover are clear.

"You can learn things," she said.

"Especially if it's a dictionary.

"It's like games where you focus on that."

The avid-reading Sofia has already started her own Blyton journey with The Faraway Trees, and as a Girl Guide she often finds herself on her own adventures.


"We go on sleepovers, we go camping, and we do this badge where we have to talk to other Girl Guides all around the world," she said.

And making a connection with Guides from around the world was its own reward, as it let her teach them new things.

Then there were the hikes which, like the books, gave her a new way to engage with the world.

"You can see things and then you can learn from them," she said.

Not that you have to go outside to find a challenge, though.

Tasked to paint with parts of their body, each group drew their image.

"My group got Spongebob," she said.

"It was impossible."

The first book will be available next week.

The list

SUNDAY, February 4 - The Famous Five on a Treasure Island + Collector's Case (Sunday Mail)

Monday, February 5 - The Enchanted Wood (Courier Mail);

Tuesday, February 6 - The Twins at St Clare's (The Gympie Times);

Wednesday, February 7 - The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage (The Gympie Times);

Thursday, February 8 - Naughty Amelia Jane (The Gympie Times);

Friday, February 9 - The Children on the Cherry Tree Farm (The Gympie Times);

Saturday, February 10 - The Secret Seven (The Gympie Times);

Sunday, February 11 - Five Go Adventuring Again (Sunday Mail);

Monday, February 12 - Holiday Adventures (Courier Mail);

Tuesday, February 13 - Brer Rabbit Short Stories (The Gympie Times);

Wednesday, February 14 - Malory Towers - First Term (The Gympie Times);

Thursday, February 15 - The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's (The Gympie Times);

Friday, February 16 - Secret Seven Adventure (The Gympie Times);

Saturday, February 17 - The Naughtiest Girl in the School (The Gympie Times);

Sunday, February 18 - The Adventures of the Wishing Chair (Sunday Mail).

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