High Court to rule on ACCC's Google accusations

GOOGLE'S motto of "Don't be evil" could be put to the test on Wednesday as it battles Australia's consumer watchdog over allegations of publishing misleading advertisements.

At 10.15am, the High Court is expected to rule on accusations from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that Google had used its "Adwords" advertising to mislead users.

The ACCC won an earlier skirmish last year in Federal Court, but Google appealed to the High Court which heard the case in September.

Google was fighting claims by the ACCC it had misled users when they were shown ads with the headline of a business but which took them to a competitor's website.

The court was given the example of an ad headlined with "Honda.com.au" which ACCC told the court took Google users to the website for car-seller CarSales.

Google argued if there was anything misleading about the advertisements, it was the responsibility of those placing the ad, not itself as a provider of advertising space.

The High Court reserved judgement.