The rural business will wind up over the next 4-6 months.
The rural business will wind up over the next 4-6 months. John Farmer

High profile Gympie rural business confirms it will wind up

LOWER Wonga business Rhodavale Pork is closing after more than a decade.

Owners Rick and Melinda Murnane made the "gut wrenching decision to close it down" two weeks ago, Mrs Murnane announced on the farm's Facebook page this week.


Melinda and brad Murnane from Rhodavale Pork at lower Wonga.
Melinda and Brad Murnane from Rhodavale Pork at Lower Wonga. Renee Albrecht

"Soaring grain prices due to the drought, the pork pricing crisis and the downturn in the economy has taken its toll," Mrs Murnane wrote.

"It takes good business sense to know when to cut your losses before running yourself to the wall. It also takes courage to make that call on your own terms, rather than being forced to by a bank."

Although they intend to wind the business up, she went on to say the process would take time and for the farm it will be "business as usual" for at least the next four to six months.


Brad and Melina Murnane (pictured here with their children), are the faces behind Rhodavale Pork.
Brad and Melina Murnane (with their children) of Rhodavale Pork. Contributed

"While we have already halved our breeding herd, we still have at least two months of piglets yet to be born, grown and finished before they can be sold.

"...we would greatly appreciate your continued support over this time."


Melinda Murnane who with husband Brad run a free range pork production farm at Lower Wonga.
Melinda Murnane. contributed

Mrs Murnane said she and her husband would use the skills they had developed to "secure amazing and fulfilling jobs" and she went on to thank their customers.

"Without you, we wouldn't have made it this far..."