Hillary mocked for Zoom interview fail


Hillary Clinton was mocked after her live interview bashing Donald Trump was awkwardly interrupted by a Zoom time limit.

The former Secretary of State was hit with a "Your meeting will end in 10 minutes" notification while being interviewed by MSNBC.

Ms Clinton was in the middle of slamming Mr Trump and declaring that his "series is about to be cancelled", when she was interrupted.

Social media users starting posting print screens of the technical difficulty, joking that "a special counsel will be appointed".


Despite several users mocking the former presidential candidate for her lack of premium subscription to Zoom, some said that they "respect" her more for not having the service.

However, after receiving enough tweets about the mishap, Ms Clinton retweeted one of the photographs with the caption, "Ok, ok, I'll upgrade."

Ms Clinton has been vocal since the first live presidential debate took place on Tuesday night.



She revealed that she too wanted to tell Mr Trump to "shut up" during her debate with him four years ago.

Ms Clinton took to Twitter to express her frustration after Joe Biden and Mr Trump engaged in a heated exchange.

She was responding to author Jill Filipovic's thread, which commended Joe Biden saying "will you shut up, man" was "the line of the night".


"I so feel for Hillary right now because I'm positive she wanted to say that and couldn't," Filipovic wrote, to which Ms Clinton responded "you have no idea".

When another viewer said someone should "check in" on Ms Clinton, the former presidential candidate assured everyone she was doing well.

"Thanks, I'm fine. But everyone better vote," she wrote.


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