Federal member for Hinkler - Keith Pitt.
Federal member for Hinkler - Keith Pitt. Alistair Brightman

Hinkler MP plans to preference One Nation above the Greens

HINKLER MP Keith Pitt intends preferencing the Greens last on his how-to-vote card at this year's federal election.

His comments come amid reports the Coalition is split over how to preference One Nation at the upcoming federal election, with some MPs rejecting calls from Liberal moderates and Labor to put the minor party's candidates last.

The Christchurch massacre, allegedly committed by an Australian far-right extremist, sparked divisions in the government amid pressure from Labor for major parties to dissociate themselves from One Nation candidates and "extremist" groups.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, a Liberal moderate, said he expected his party to put "extremists" last on how-to-vote cards as Prime Minister Scott Morrison left open the option of preferencing One Nation ahead of Labor in key seats.

When asked about whether he planned to preference One Nation last, Mr Pitt said it was the Greens who should take that position.

"The most radical and potentially economy-destroying political party is the Greens and they should be last on every how-to-vote card," he said.

"Preferences are determined by the State LNP and as the election hasn't been called it is not known who all the candidates are. "People I speak to are more interested in jobs and lower electricity prices than preference deals."

One Nation candidate Damian Huxham said he hadn't spoken to any other candidates about preference deals.

"My personal preference is to put the major parties where they put us as Australians and that's last," he said.

"I haven't finalised any preferences as the election hasn't been called and there's no complete list of candidates.

Federal Labor candidate for Hinkler Richard Pascoe said One Nation would be last on his preference list.