Isaac Milan Robert Zaknic has spent the past nine years in and out of prison.
Isaac Milan Robert Zaknic has spent the past nine years in and out of prison.

History repeats as ice addict's jail drug import plan fails

HISTORY never repeats - except in the case of drug addict Isaac Milan Robert Zaknic.

Zaknic was busted taking drugs onto prison grounds in 2012 and in 2018, he was caught arranging the delivery of drugs to a detox facility.

Both of these crimes ended badly for Zaknic.

However, he thought he'd give the drug import business another go, this time - while in the big house - allegedly arranging for a couple of female accomplices do his bidding.

There was just one small catch - the hapless inmate used the prison's phone system to organise the delivery of methamphetamine and the restricted pharmaceutical buprenorphine.

Unfortunately, for Zaknic, Department of Corrections staff got wind of his plan fast because they monitor inmates' calls to the outside world.

Zaknic faced Brisbane District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to two charges of supplying a dangerous drug within a correctional facility.

He was sentenced to 2.5 years with parole eligibility after serving six months for the June 2018 offending.

The court heard Zaknic allegedly asked a Gympie woman to source methamphetamine and buprenorphine and to have it brought into the Woodford Correctional Centre.

This was just two months after he was locked up for breaching parole on a five-year jail term.

That breach was triggered when staff at a detoxification centre discovered Zaknic using a banned mobile phone to organise the supply of GHB to the rehab facility.

The drugs designated for arrival at Woodford Correctional Centre were for Zaknic's use and also for one of his prison buddies, the court heard.

The 34-year-old boilermaker allegedly had a female accomplice buy the drugs, directing her to give them to the female partner of his fellow inmate.

The court heard that both women obliged - with the second woman hiding 67 buprenorphine strips and 1.5g of ice in her undies before rocking up to WCC where she was expecting to hand them over to her lover.

However, the drug courier was intercepted and charges for all involved soon followed.

Two of Zaknic's co-accused were dealt with at an earlier court hearing but the Gympie woman is yet to be sentenced.

Justice Jean Dalton told the father of one child his ongoing drug problems resulted in him being trapped in the revolving door of prison life, having been in and out of the big house since 2012.

Justice Dalton said the decision to import the drugs to the jail was "brazen", especially doing it under the nose of authorities via jail phone calls.

She said Zaknic should have known better having been busted for similar offending.

"You were convicted for taking a prohibited thing into a correction centre after you went to visit someone in prison and drove a car with drugs and paraphernalia onto the centre's grounds," Justice Dalton reminded him.

"I am concerned about your prospects of rehabilitation.

"You have a very bad attitude towards drug use, notwithstanding significant imprisonment and demonstrated by this offending so soon after you were put back into jail

"I hope that for your sake, you are changing your attitude, but I am concerned about your prospects of rehabilitation."

Zaknic's prison term will begin after he finishes serving the current five years in November, meaning he will be eligible for release in May 2020. - NewsRegional