THRILL: Professional monster truck driver Troy Garcia gets his monster truck revving for the weekend.
THRILL: Professional monster truck driver Troy Garcia gets his monster truck revving for the weekend. Rebecca Singh

Hollywood stuntman to thrill thousands in Gympie on Saturday

Motorsport: Gympie is set for entertainment of monstrous proportions as the monster trucks rumble into town for the Gympie Smash Fest this Saturday.

Event organisers are anticipating 3000 people and professional monster truck driver Troy Garcia said it was a show for everyone.

"It is not just monster trucks - there is a lot of variety and an earlier start time of 1pm will suit a younger audience," he said.

"There will be an after burn jet car which will melt a car, crazy rollover trucks, crash and bash and fireworks to finish off the night.

"We will ask the crowd if a Holden or Ford will be melted. You have to see it to believe it."

Five performing trucks will have their engines revving with Mad Max: Fury Road stunt car driver Aaron Tunua and Garcia just some of the big names.

Garcia started as a stunt car driver and has been driving monster trucks for 21 years and has evolved with the trucks.

"I was performing in the stunt car and just got approached one day to drive a monster truck," he said.

"The fear factors wasn't an issue it was a matter of getting used to the shear size and getting the position of the vehicle."

As technology has brought changes to the industry, Garcia said he 'evolved with the sport'.

"They (monster trucks) were really slow moving but as technology has improved the old trucks can't be compared with today's.

"The industry has come forward in leaps and bounds and brought them (the trucks) to the top level in Australia.

"Today, they jump just like motorbikes. The nitrogen suspension on the trucks saves the truck and the driving allowing us to do the bigger jumps."

For those seeking a bigger thrill, there will be monster truck rides for $10.

Tickets can be pre-purchased from Autobarn Gympie or online at and will be sold on Saturday at the gate.

The gates will open at 1pm and the action will start at 4pm Saturday, June 16 at Mothar Mountain Speedway, 328 Noosa Road, Gympie.