Thieves broke into a Mooroobool home and stole a car while a family was still grieving.
Thieves broke into a Mooroobool home and stole a car while a family was still grieving.

Thieves break into home 24 hours after woman dies

A CAIRNS family is fuming after a dead relative's home was burgled while grieving family members were inside asleep.

Less than 24 hours after Sandra Rhodes-Conlon's aunty died, thieves ransacked the Mooroobool home while the deceased's sister and husband slept stealing a keys, a wallet, jewellery and a car.

Ms Rhodes-Conlon said the theft had come as a complete shock to the family who were exhausted after grieving over Aunty Maureen's death.

"They were face-to-face with my other aunty who was in the bed asleep," she said.

She said her other aunt, Maureen's sister, had woken in the night to discover the deceased's belongings strewn about the house, drawers emptied and their car stolen.

"It's still missing," Ms Rhodes-Conlon said. She did not want to disclose the exact address for fear of attracting more thieves.

Ms Rhodes-Conlon and her husband Peter Conlon have been liaising with police to retrieve the stolen items.

"The people who have done this should have to apologise and pay back the families they've done this to," she said.

"The police are working around the clock, but there needs to be a change in the court system."

Cairns Property Crime Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Barry Karamujic said police were working hard to target property offenders across the region.

"Police have been arresting a large number of property offenders, recently we arrested 17 offenders on 122 charges over one week," he said.

"We would like to remind people to ensure their homes and property are secure and this being school holidays to watch out for your neighbours."

Mr Conlon said he was at his wits end about the issue, even taking to the streets himself to see if he could spot the stolen car.

"Someone will end up making a vigilante group if nothing changes," he said.

"These people aren't looking just for older people or younger people or sick people, they're just targeting anybody.

"The law is not on our side, and something needs to be changed by the government to make sure these people don't just come straight back into the community and keep offending."

For now the family is hoping the property can be returned to them as they band together after putting their aunty to rest on Friday.