A functional office is key to working from home.
A functional office is key to working from home. Relentless_one

HOME STYLE: Put thought into office functionality

I USED to imagine it would be fun to call my website iworkinmypyjamas.com.au. Like a growing number of workers, I am fortunate enough to be able to do much of my work from home.

If you are part of this growing cohort, you may as well do it right by marrying style and function to produce the ideal home office.

Creating a home office is about encouraging productivity. It should be a space that you are energised by and enjoy being in. Hitting the right balance between design and function is crucial.

First off, you need a designated space. Your dining table, the sofa and certainly not your bed qualifies as a home office. Ideally you want a space with a definitive border, a place where you go to work and the space you leave when you exit work mode.

While sitting may be deemed the new smoking, you at least want the option of sitting so a desk and chair are top priority. Choose wisely and try before you buy.

Storage is the next component to any office. For me, if the object is ugly, no matter how useful, I store it out of sight.

Another important and practical aspect to any workspace is to have the correct lighting. Natural light is preferable. If not possible, choose artificial lighting that enables you to work without straining your eyes.

Finally, add some fresh greenery. Not only do plants add instant ambience, they are great for maintaining air quality. Some studies claim plants also have a positive effect on our mental health.