SMOKEN BURNOUT. "Good news, I didn't lose my licence," errant driver Kyle Taylor told his mum, or a mate, as he left Ipswich Courthouse with a fine for laying rubber near police. Ross Irby

'Good news, I didn't lose my licence': Hoon

"GOOD news, I didn't lose my licence," said Kyle Taylor as he chatted on his phone, relieved to walk from the Ipswich Courthouse with a small fine for a hoon offence.

Behind the wheel just before midnight, Taylor's new bright yellow Ford was heard and seen by Ipswich police doing a burnout just a few metres from the police station.

It wasn't a wise decision and it landed the 21-year-old fencing labourer before the court.

His explanation was given due consideration by magistrate Virginia Sturgess.

Kyle Eric Taylor, from Pittsworth, pleaded guilty to wilfully making unnecessary noise or smoke in Brisbane Street at 11.30pm on Thursday, March 29.

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris O'Neill said police were dealing with another matter at the time when they heard the loud sounds of a vehicle and saw a yellow Ford with lots of smoke with its wheels losing traction.

"He says he did a burnout as the car behind him was tailgating and pissing him off. So he put one foot on the brake as he accelerated," Sgt O'Neill said.

"Police explained it was a Type 1 hoon offence and he says he was aware and shouldn't have done it."

Ms Sturgess said it was a ticket offence and queried why it was before the court.

Taylor told the court the car behind him had been tailgating him in his new car all night, and the car was driven by the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend.

"I got angry, spun my wheels," he said.

Ms Sturgess said he should have complained to police and queried what happened to that other driver.

"Nothing," said Taylor. "I had my plates confiscated for 90 days."

"That seems a little harsh. You can apply to get them back," said Ms Sturgess.

Taylor, who said he had been in Ipswich to hang out with mates, said he did think of doing that - "but I think this is the only way I will learn a lesson".

And said he'd also sold his new car.

Ms Sturgess said people do get angry about other people's manner of driving but then they do something that makes it hard to then point the finger, like when he did something stupid with a burnout very close to the police station.

She said she would not disqualify him as there was no need to bring him before the court.

Taylor was fined $200.